Samutprakarn Tannery

We provide high quality leather since 1960

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Samutprakarn Tannery is one of the leading tannery in Thailand


We manufacture and export crust leather and cow finished leather. Our firm is an expert in the processing of hides for the footwear and other leather goods.


We include cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques in the production to ensure our customers get most satisfaction with best quality products.


We also realize the great impact in term of pollution to our society. That's why we apply the use of chemicals which are harmless to the environment as possible.

Our Process


Starting from the careful selection of raw hides imported from USA and Australia, and then passing them to the tanning operation.


Transforming hides from the beamhouse into wet blue with the adoption of advanced machinery and inventive tanning manner.


Walking through several processing methods varying from sammying, shaving, drum dyeing to setting out, vacuuming, and hang drying.


Lastly ending with product finishing which include final quality check. We are therefore able to guarantee product value under on-time delivery.

Products We Proudly Introduce

We always prepare a set of sample collections for our customers in Spring, Summer and Fall. Each collection consists of different types of leather: aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented.

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Our tannery is located in Samutprakarn, Thailand. Feel free to stop by at anytime. You could simply drop us a line or give us a call as well.

Samutprakarn Tannery Co., Ltd.

186 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Rd, Km. 34
Bangpoo Mai, Samutprakarn
10280, Thailand
+66 2 323 9896
+66 2 323 9948
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